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Based on the most common questions we get asked around the Chelmsford club, our blog is the place to find all the information you need for success in the gym. With articles about the latest in nutrition and sports supplements, what’s going on in the fitness world, as well as little known tips and tricks - everything you need to know about SWEAT! is right here.


Putting your back into your six pack

Ever found yourself staring at your midriff and wondering why the sit ups aren’t getting you a flat tummy?


Train with a friend

You’re probably familiar with the phrase, ‘Survival of the fittest.’ ...


New General Manager at SWEAT! Chelmsford

Welcome to the team, Frank!

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September Fitness Challenge Dragon Flag

How long can you hold the position for?


Grab yourself a smoothie!

With summer in full swing, you’re probably packing a lot in. Whether ...

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Tips to SWEAT this summer

Summer is here and it’s a great time to bring exercise outdoors. Here are ...


Throw a great Father’s Day Barbecue!

Thinking of celebrating Father’s Day with a barbecue? Why not sizzle up ...

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June Fitness Challenge - Press Ups

Press Up Challenge


Summer Quinoa Salad

Add a little zest to your lunchtime with this easy to prepare and super ...

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Can you target fat loss?

When it comes to fat loss, many of us have a certain region of our bodies, ...

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May Fitness Challenge 2017 - Wall Squat

Wall Squat Crucifix Challenge!

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