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By SWEAT! Buddy

10 Tips For Keeping Fit Over Christmas

By SWEAT! Buddy

Take a look at our 10 top tips to help you maintain your fitness over the festive season

1. Focus on the fun, not the food

We’re not saying ‘don’t eat those tasty festive treats’ but Christmas isn’t just about the food! Think of the holidays in terms of the other fun things that you associate with it, like family games, making your home sparkle or strolling around your nearest Christmas market.

2. Cut down your own Christmas tree

If you can, buying a tree from a farm that allows you to cut down your own will not only be fun but will get you moving, make some memories and will burn some serious calories!

3. Plan some fun family activities

Make the holidays family-orientated and plan physical activities where everyone is involved. Even a brisk bike ride with relatives or a trip to an ice-rink will burn a lot of calories and will keep everyone entertained. Going on an hour long boxing day walk could burn between 160 and 180 calories!

4. Workout in the morning

Working out in the morning will prevent missed workouts because of the Christmas parties and other festive activities that always take over in December.

5. Get some good hours of sleep

A good night’s sleep will reduce stress and make you more ready for all the good times! Plus, when we are tired, our bodies release the hunger hormone, ghrelin, which increases our appetite and our craving for sugary foods. It’s definitely more beneficial than not to get those Zs in!

6. Keep hydrated

With all of the Christmas parties happening, staying hydrated is vital and not just after a few pints, it will also help with digestion and will reduce hunger.

7. Use wholesome, fresh ingredients

Using unprocessed foods in your Christmas cooking will help keep your food nutritious and will keep your body happy.

8. Try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

A faster, higher intensity workout will give you some more time to enjoy the Christmas fun whilst still fitting in your workout! Check out our classes here.

9. Go easy on the drinking

Over-consumption of alcohol is the main reason why so many of us pile on the pounds over Christmas, this unhealthy indulgence is all a part of the holiday, but it doesn’t need to be the only part!

10. Avoiding sofa slouching

Go out and do your Christmas shopping instead of ordering it online, and enjoy watching your favourite Christmas movies but make sure you balance it out with lots of physical activities to keep you and your family active!

Merry Christmas to all of our SWEAT members… or should we say Merry Fitness!?!