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By Laura

FIVE ways to burn more calories

By Laura

The temperature is increasing (slightly!), there’s more hours of daylight and Spring has finally sprung! Time to think about that summer holiday which isn’t too far away….

To stay on track with your weight loss goals or maintain a healthy weight as we approach the warmer months, follow our top 5 tips to burn more calories during your training.


  • Fuel your workout- it may sound counter intuitive but you need to feed yourself before you train in order to have enough energy to work out hard! If you go into a training session low on energy, you wont work out at an optimum pace so having a banana and a handful of nuts, or perhaps some oats in your protein shake will give you the energy you need to work hard.

  • Try interval training. If you prefer to use the machines in the gym then try doing intervals instead of a steady pace. For example, run for 1 minute at an effort level of 7 or 8 (1 being the easiest), then walk for 1 minute. Continue this for a total of 10 minutes. Or try one of our Matrix classes. This type of training is suitable for all levels as it works on your own individual effort level. Interval training works because you are able to push yourself to work harder during short bursts. The harder you work the more energy you need, therefore burning more calories to generate this energy. (for more info on interval training see our blog post- add link).

  • Add strength training into your workout. Strength training burns calories even after you’ve finished your workout. Because your body needs to replace the energy used by your muscles during this type of training, it continues to use energy (calories) for a time after you’ve finished.

  • Get a heart rate tracking device- either a watch or a band worn underneath your clothing (there are many available on the market today). If you want to really keep track of how hard you are working and even see calories burned, then investing in one of these digital devices and downloading the supporting app could be what you need to take your training to the next level.

  • Re-fuel yourself! Even though to lose weight we need to create a calorie deficit, eating a low calorie healthy snack post workout will ensure you give your body the fuel it needs to repair itself. It will also prevent you from reaching for the unhealthy snacks later in the day when hunger strikes!

Ask one of our friendly personal trainers when you're next in the gym for more details on any of these techniques.