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By Frank Barber

May Member of the Month 2018

By Frank Barber

Check out our May Member of the Month- Peter Hudson !

My name is Peter Hudson. Last summer I found myself gaining weight again after having lost interest in the home DVD workouts I had been doing previously, and so i was looking to get back into shape by joining a gym, when I happened to come across someone handing out flyers for SWEAT!, so when I spoke to the guy, found out it was on my way home from work and saw the low price I thought I’d give it a go!

It’s been great from day 1 with all the staff being very friendly and helpful and the gym itself being fantastic. It has so many cardio and weight machines that you are never left waiting to use one. So far I have managed to loose 9lb, whilst noticeably increasing my strength and stamina (I struggled to run 2km when I started, now I’m up to 6.5km and am trying to get to 10km by the end of this summer).

I’m currently working as a postman and I find that the hardest thing about going to the gym is actually motivating myself to go after walking 8-10km in the cold wind and rain, but I always set myself small goals to give myself an incentive to go, like a holiday or special event I have coming up that I want to look and feel good at. I also play in a wedding band called The Nook and I feel that keeping fit in the gym helps me to put on a better performance for the bride and grooms big day!

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