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By Laura

The Med Ball Workout

By Laura

Seen it in the gym but no idea how to use it? Introducing the humble medicine ball...

The humble medicine ball (or ‘med ball’), once a superstar on gym floors, it can often be seen gathering dust on racks on the edge of functional floors. Here at Sweat! however, we love using the medicine balls as part of our strength training routines. Try this simple but effective circuit:

Interesting fact about medicine balls: Hippocrates- the ancient Greek physician is said to have stuffed animal skins for patients to toss for “medicinal” purposes.

Try our Med ball circuit by adding one of the following exercises into your current routine, or, perform 12-15 reps of each exercise before moving onto the next one straight away. Rest for 1 minute, then complete a further 3 times.

1. Medicine ball straight arm squats

2. Lunge and twist

3. Overhead sit up

4. Plank and roll

 For help on any of these exercises, please speak to one of our friendly personal trainers.