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By Laura

Why it's good to challenge yourself

By Laura

Does the word ‘challenge’ leave you in a cold sweat? Or perhaps it fires you up and increases your motivation?

Challenge has a different meaning for all of us but if it is a less than welcome one for you, maybe its time to re-think.

Here at Sweat! we understand that a challenge is personal to each individual member. It might be a challenge to get to the gym twice a week, or it’s a challenge to run for 10 seconds longer on the treadmill than usual. You might be working on your 1 rep max for you squat- whatever it is, we understand that there are many different gym-based challenges that face our members.

Setting challenges, whatever they may be, we believe can help you on your gym journey. They can help you to achieve what you didn’t think you could, they can spur you on, or they can help you to keep up healthy habits (like going to the gym!).

We believe there’s nothing quite like that feeling of achieving a goal or challenge and so every month, we run a gym challenge. These vary from beating your rowing time over 500m, to how many bodyweight squats you can do in a minute. This month’s challenge is about attendance.

Can you attend a Matrix class once a week? Attending group exercise classes can boost endorphins. Plus, you’ll get a great workout in a shorter amount of time- you could enjoy more of the sunshine with that time saved! For more information on gym challenges chat to one of our friendly PT’s.