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Personal Trainer


What Can I do?

Level 3 Personal Training 

Level 3 Nutrition

Level 1 Football Coach 

Why did you become a Personal Trainer:

I developed a passion and love for fitness over five years ago. I was a very skinny hunched-back teenager that was determined for a lifestyle change. I wanted to become a personal trainer to help people achieve great results with the knowledge and experience that I've gained over the years training. I love being in a gym environment and also working with all types of people, so personal training is the perfect job for me!  

How do you differ from other trainers: 

I spend my time learning and increasing my knowledge on all things fitness as I'm always wanting to improve to be able to help my client to achieve their goals! I make sure clients leave a session feeling extremely good and already wanting to come back to train at SWEAT! Furthermore, I'm an extremely positive and enthusiastic young individual who is passionate about helping others!

Favourite exercise/ equipment: 

My favourite piece of equipment is the squat rack where I can perform my favourite leg exercise... squats! I also love free weights! 

Guilty pleasure: 

Peanut butter.. crunchy of course! 

If you would like to book a session with Nathan, contact him directly:

P: 07791419960